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20 selected travel quotes: Wake up your enthusiasm and impulse for travel!


I often hear people say that there are at least two impulses in life, one for desperate love, the other for travel. Speaking of travel, I think everyone will have a heart that just walks away. It’s just that in this involuntary world, busyness and exhaustion alternately exist, and that trip that was said to have been gradually forgotten. In fact, traveling can adjust your mood, relax your mind, take precautions, and be your true self. How long have you not been traveling? Here are 20 travel quotations, let them awaken your long-lost enthusiasm and impulse to travel! Only by lying on the familiar and outdated pillow can we discover the beauty and mystery of travel. If you can’t let go of your own standards and concerns, you can’t go on a journey to challenge yourself. Traveling makes people humble, letting ourselves discover that in this boundless world, we are just small dust. On the right track, whether it is lost, liberated, or enjoyed, it is all good. Try your best to enjoy every trip, and feel every journey as much as you can; how far it is, and how long it is. After all, life should not be limited to one place, one inch of soil, one flower and grass. The shock of travel is not limited to the field of vision, but will be absorbed into the heart with the feeling, and will write a permanent mark in life. The meaning of travel is not limited to miles and kilometers, but also friends and confidants. What people regret is not what they have done, but what they have never done or cannot do in time.May you be able to remove the shackles, leave the safe harbor, sail away, and continue