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407: Your name is (dion army) (Watch WW 3b9f-resC) 2018/10/28 (Sun) 13:16: …..

407: 君の名は(dion軍) (ワッチョイWW 3b9f-resC) 2018/10/28(日) 13:16:…

407: Your name is (dion army) (Watch Choi WW 3b9f-resC) 2018/10/28 (Sun) 13: 16: 18.21 ID: yt1C4p1g0 Ami-chan … Thanks. It's passed down! 2018/10/28 Hello everyone ^^ 24 years old, is the adult of NoJo Aihitsuji. By the way, there was the last birthday party for Nogizaka at Pacifico Yokohama. This year's theme is “Nojo Theater”. .. .. Quoted from the citation source (Ami Nojo OFFICIAL BLOG). 410: Your name is (Garden) (Ouau Saf1-jxns) 2018/10/28 (Sun) 13: 18: 05.44 ID: yzAPdPBMa I cry like this All of Ami's fans who are like God. While crying, I'm saying thank you for being an idol. I'm too happy and this is the one that makes me cry. It ’s really, really important. Sincerely thank you for meeting Ami