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Companies devise new patterns to keep pace with variables …

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Companies create new patterns to keep pace with the real estate market variables – with the aim of stimulating real estate investment in new units. Real estate development companies in the Gulf region anticipated the launch of Cityscape Global in Dubai on September 11 by launching attractive plans and offers and adopting new patterns that depend on flexible financing plans in light of the challenges that The sector is facing it, including the entry of new players and high competition. Al-Hayat newspaper pointed out that the real estate sector in the Gulf region is facing new changes, some of which are positive, some of which are negative. It quoted experts as saying that the current session of the Cityscape exhibition starts at a time when the real estate sector in the Gulf region has become one of the most vital sectors after the decline in oil prices, as the sector’s average annual growth is about 10%, with an annual return for investors between 7 and 12%. The UAE is at the top of the region’s countries in attracting foreign investments in the real estate sector, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia are among the most developed real estate markets in the region supported by several factors, most notably the accelerating population growth, the increase in foreign investment, political and economic stability, in addition to the high return on investment and the reception of a number of major events such as Expo 2020. Local and state reports indicated that the real estate market in Saudi Arabia is witnessing a remarkable activity in supply and demand despite the decline witnessed since the beginning of the year, as it ended this month with an annual decrease in the total value of its deals amounted to 4 0.2% at less than 14.8 billion riyals ($ 4 billion) compared to the same month last year. Some real estate development companies in the Gulf region anticipated the Cityscape exhibition by employing technology to promote its real estate through the use of 3D imaging of their products in order to inform their customers about the details of the units completely and accurately without the need to visit the site. Other companies, such as Emaar Properties, have made attractive offers that include residential properties that I have offered in 3 projects under construction, namely the Downtown Dubai project that the company is developing separately and the Dubai Creek project which it develops in partnership with Dubai Holding, along with Dubai Hills, which it develops in partnership with Meraas Holding. Sources indicated to Al-Hayat that Emaar put forward a payment schedule based on a first payment upon reservation of 10% of the value of the property while the date of the second payment and its rate is also 10% after a year of paying the first payment while the third payment and its percentage is 20% when the property is received and the last payment and its percentage 60% is paid in installments within 4 years after receiving the property. This is the first time that the real estate market has witnessed a schedule of payments for this flexibility that reflects the size of competition between developers and the increase in the number of invested nationalities to 217 compared to 180 nationalities in the year 2016. The Dubai Land Department said that the number of real estate projects launched since the beginning of 2016 and during The first half of this year reached 88 projects, about 68 of them valued at 21 billion dirhams during the first half of this year. Organizers expect companies at Cityscape to offer unprecedented performances in Dubai. The exhibition announced that the visitors of the 16th session interested in investing in the UAE will be able for the first time in its date to complete purchases inside the exhibition, and it will allow real estate development companies that implement projects in the Emirates to complete sales directly from their platforms at the exhibition. – Source : # Tomorrow's money – To inquire about the investment in # Egyptian Stock Exchange Contact us every day of the week and all the time: From inside Egypt phone: 01028433301 phone: 01062659261 from outside Egypt phone: 201028433301 phone: 201062659261 whatsapp: 201028433301 the advantages of trading through our company: Reduced commission Trading by applying #mobile #Mobile_Application. new # Electronic Trading through # Telephony #Account Manager for every #Client #Price_screen At a subsidized price #Recommendations And # Technical reports And # Financial_reports Place orders at any time during the day. The electronic trading system contains a system Smart orders service #SMS #SMS To confirm the execution of orders. # Withdrawal_cart #Broker_Card To transfer cash from your account, buy and sell at the same session with automatic reservation with a commission equal to half of the normal commission.