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Fumi on Instagram: “I wrote a list of # 100 things I want to do earlier this year, but more than half a year later, the squirrel …

おふみ on Instagram: “今年の初めに #やってみたいこと100のリスト を書きましたが、半年以上経ってリストを見返すと、やりたいことやそのジャンル分けすら変わっていて驚きました。 半年に一回などこまめにアップデートしてみると面白いです。…”

Earlier this year #List of 100 things to try I wrote, but when I looked back at the list after more than half a year, I was surprised that what I wanted to do and even the genre classification had changed. It is interesting to update it once every six months. Having time to think about the dreams you want to do is just fun. I thought it was like an enlarged version of the time to write a Tanabata strip. #What to do list 100 == Blog updated (^^) → @ ofumi_3 #List of things to do