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Lake Biwa series Lake Biwa pearl & Amabie & happy stones > Part 2

びわ湖seriesびわ湖pearl &アマビエさま &happy stoneたち《開運厄除》その2

Amabie is a youkai that has been handed down in Japan. It is said that he made predictions about abundant crops and epidemics by causing phenomena such as shining light from the sea. (Quoted from Wikipedia) Escape from the plague ⭐️ Spinned with the thought of praying for peace. Lake Biwa pearl is attached to all straps. And there are two sizes of Amabie. There are 3 types of products. I want to be a talisman close to you. ☆ stone message ⭐️ Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl “Only one in the world” grown in Lake Biwa. Love and harmony that wraps up like a mother. It is said that the power of[Guardian]is strong. It is said to exterminate evil spirits. ⭐️ Crystal It is said to be a stone that brings purification and healing to all. Create harmony in everything. It will guide you to exert powerful power by integrating and strengthening.