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Mimosa's Herbarium Pendant XL

ミモザのハーバリウム ペンダント XL

First, a quotation from the Wiki. Mimosa [English: mimosa, Germany: Mimose] is a Latin name that originally refers to the plant of the family Leguminosae. When the leaves are stimulated, they act like the ancient Greek gesture drama “mimos” [the predecessor to mimes, pantomimes]. The original Latin pronunciation is Mimosa, the English pronunciation is Mamosa or Maimosa, and the Japanese Mimosa comes from the French pronunciation. From here, the meaning is spread by the following diversion. Generic name of the plants of the genus Perilla in the family Leguminaceae [Mimosa]. Hara Yoshi. A common name for Acacia flowers, such as leguminous acacia and Ginyou acacia. In Britain, we call the cut flower of Husa acacia imported from southern France “mimosa”. The leaves of Acacia resemble the leaves of Aesculus, but do not move when touched. However, the flowers were misused because of their pom-pom-like morphology similar to that of the genus Perilla. This example is rather mainstream in Japan today. Bright yellow, fluffy acacia flower image …