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Put your heart into small things | Only one enthusiasm-51 words that work and life | Toru Kenjo | cakes

小さなことにこそ真心込めろ | たった一人の熱狂――仕事と人生に効く51の言葉 | 見城徹 | cakes(ケイクス)

Toru Kenjo asserts that “the commonality of people who cannot work” is not to take care of small things and people in the corner. Even if you don’t need overwhelming effort, it seems that your life will change drastically with just one effort. What is “secret training” that when Mr. Kenjo was a new editor, he practiced himself in addition to simple chores? 3 prints as early as the first week of release!A part of the contents of the book “Only One Enthusiasm-51 Words for Work and Life” by Gentosha President and CEO, Mr. Kenjo, which is now on sale.