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Relaxing while painting while listening to the school broadcast ~ ♪ This photo is a finger …

校内放送を聴きながらまったりお絵描き~♪ この写真は指…

Listening to the broadcast inside the school, drawing and drawing ~ ♪ I guess this photo was about to make something with my finger and explain it … I can't write anything interesting because I don't remember, but yesterday's class And when I called for me to tell me because I didn't know “Katamanna,” a lot of students really answered me !!!! And the answers of most students were the same with “Swords” !! When I asked the young staff members (we staff members are NOT staff members), the answer was the same !!! So, the answer was decided by “sword” !! And as a result of a strict lottery, a wonderful “one badge” was reserved. It's Numa-chan (17) from Kumamoto Prefecture !!!!! We'll ship tomorrow, so we'll do our best to take the badge as a charm and take the exam !!!! Then, “Rina Hirate's GIRLS LOCKS!” Wrote the answer Doers of you, thank you ~! (← Republic 2017 Hirate TomoRina ver.) All the text transcripts and photos are here Quote: SCHOOL OF LOCK! 777: Anonymous Too much