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* Resale * Mizuhiki wears a Mizuhiki hair clip in the shape of a lotus flower

*再販*身につける水引 蓮の花をかたどった水引細工のヘアクリップ

◼︎ Size Width: Approx. 85 mm Height: Approx. 65 mm ◼︎ Color shocking pink x beige x gold Impact A large, high-quality lame Mizuhiki mizuhiki hair clip. It is recommended not only for kimono but also for points of yukata. Lotus flower: A lotus flower is a “buddhist flower.” The lotus that blooms beautiful flowers from the mud is a symbol of revival and regeneration. It receives unconditional love and compassion, and because it has many seeds, it is also used as a symbol of prosperity for descendants. It is also used as a motif to express the beauty and innocence of women. [Quoted from the net] The Mizuhiki used is mainly silk thread Mizuhiki. Silk thread Mizuhiki is a twisted Japanese paper wrapped with thin threads of rayon that look like silk threads, and it has a very delicate impression. The original material is paper, so it is very light and easy to wear. Even if it is made of paper, it is a very durable and elastic material as if it contained wires. Mizuhiki crafts have been used since ancient times in Japan and have been used as lucky charms and even if they are unlucky spells, making them perfect as gifts. The product image is a hair clip, but you can change to Valletta if you wish. Inform us in the comments …