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This time, we'll take a look at one of Showa Kayo's best songs, “Looking at Love and Death”.


This time, we will focus on one of Showa Kayo's best songs, “Looking at Love and Death.” This song was born because the book of the same name became a bestseller. Quoted from Wikipedia. “Looking at Love and Death” is written by college student Minoru Kono [Mako, August 8, 1941] and Michiko Oshima, who has been affected by chondrosarcoma and has died for 21 years [Miko, February 3, 1942- August 7, 1963], which is a book of correspondence for three years. Published in 1963 and recorded a huge hit with 1.6 million copies sold. As related books, Oshima's Diary of Young Life and Kono's Sachiko's Banshu Plain were also published. This song is the first record-produced work by Masatoshi Sakai, a producer of super-large music. He carried things as follows. From the same Wikipedia. Sakai sings best-selling books … Showa's famous song “Looking at Love and Death” [Iza! Blog 2012.9.23]